Pool Cleaning

Regular Pool Cleaning:
Regular weekly swimming pool service is critical to making sure your pool is enjoyable year-round. Let our friendly professionals do the work so you can enjoy your pool! We offer different levels of regular service based on your needs and budget, WE use the best professional-grade chemicals  for your corona swimming pool service.

Regular pool service starts at $88 per month. Call us for a free estimate for your specific needs!


  • Removal of debris on top and bottom of the pool Skimming increases the efficiency of the pool circulation system and lowers the amount of chlorine that needs to be added to the pool.
  • Pool Vacuum A pool should be vacuumed weekly to keep the water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals in the water.
  • Pump basket Cleaning- Pump basket cleaning helps remove any debris that may have been missed by skimming and ensures water is flowing properly.
  • Wall  Brushing Brushing the walls  helps prevent algae growth.                                                           Our commitment to our customers is our top priority

    We offer high-quality work and use only the finest swimming pool products, but what really sets us apart from other companies is our exceptional customer service. Our commitment to our customers is our top priority. For many years we’ve been providing professional, quality service for customers with all varieties of pool service needs. Schedule a free corona pool service estimate today and give us the opportunity to show you why we are the right choice for you and your swimming pool service. We will service your corona pool each week on the day arranged for your swimming pool service and will deal with you honestly , you will be treated with courtesy , we will respect  your property and will respect your privacy, will respect your privacy at all times, We will never  make any repairs without communicating with all of your options. We have Equipment  Sales & Installations, Including Pumps, Energy-Efficient Motors, Filters, Heaters,  pool suction Cleaners and Salt Systems Equipment .